Solutions Overview

Retail predictive analytics, exception reporting, case management, and data integration


Appriss Retail delivers software-as-a-service solutions that are used by leading retail chains worldwide — 39 of the Top 100 retailers rely on Appriss Retail solutions to reduce shrink, prevent return fraud, detect and remediate employee fraud, and improve operational processes.

A data-driven solution that enhances the consumer returns experience to drive profitable sales while reducing fraud and building loyalty.

Verify predicts and prevents the 1 percent fraudulent or abusive returns while making returns fast, accurate, and easy for your 99 percent good customers. This patented solution saves each of our clients tens of millions of dollars annually.

Incent delivers intelligent, customized incentives in real-time at the end of a sale or return transaction, and it is optimized to keep shoppers in the store and buying. Incent lifts same store sales and its incentives have redemption rates up to 600 percent higher than traditional incentives.

Retailers worldwide use Secure Store to significantly mitigate losses related to fraud, theft, and operational/systemic breakdowns. Secure Store provides immediate insight into your organization’s most critical data. Secure has a high retention rate and is used in more than 44,000 retail locations worldwide.

Consulting Services

Appriss Retail’s world-class PhD statisticians and retail specialists are skilled in delivering consultative analysis on many facets of the retail store environment, including operations, marketing, loss prevention, and much more.

Support Services

When you become an Appriss Retail client, you can add many complementary services beyond the functionality of the software. During the implementation, roll out, and the life of the solution, we provide the support you need for success.