“Profitability, schmofitability.

– Said No CFO, Ever

Change the way you think about returns and drive new revenue for your company.

Managing omnichannel returns with Engage can deliver millions

Rethinking how you manage returns presents a unique opportunity to increase profitability without adding stores or finding new customers. Our data-science driven solutions streamline processes, optimize operations, boost efficiencies – all while engaging consumers and building brand loyalty.

Use our Engage Calculator to see YOUR financial gain.

  • Department Store

    Annual u.s. gross sales

    $10 Billion

    Number of u.s. stores


    Estimated overall annual benefit


Rethinking how you manage omnichannel returns delivers benefits today and tomorrow

  • Reduce Return Reserves
  • Lower return shipping costs
  • Boost revenue from existing stores
  • Maximize omnichannel profits while improving consumer experience

Consumers are omnichannel shoppers

Engage integrates with retailer systems at every touchpoint so you can consolidate consumer transaction data across channels to facilitate omnichannel returns processing and consumer experience management.

It’s time to stop thinking about returns as “a cost of doing business.” With Engage, you can better manage omnichannel returns, reduce risk, and increase profitability without adding stores or finding new customers.

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